Currently Available Beer to Take Home

- 1.5 litre Bag-in-Box -

- Exclusively available at our Longmont, CO Barrel House -

Bag-in-Box (1.5 L)


unbroken boulevard of Green LIghts

Blended Primitive Beer - 5.5% ABV

Blend of our four favorite spontaneously inoculated puncheons!

1.5 L Bag-in-Box ($25)

paralllel thoughts 3.5 x 9.5-1.jpg

Parallel Thoughts

Subtle Cherry Multi-Barrel Blend - 6.0% ABV

Blend of Primitive Beer from 2016-17 & 2017-18 brew season matured on cherries from Last Year’s harvest.  

1.5 L Bag-in-Box ($25)

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Petit Bon Vivant (P - 2)

Unblended Primitive Beer - 5.0% ABV

Another in our new series of single barrel beer releases. This one-year-old beer we pulled from barrel P-2 is light and very tart with notes of honey, leather, and grapefruit.  

1.5 L Bag-in-Box ($25)

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 3.33.22 PM.png

P.R. Nightmare 

Second Use Wet Hop Beer - 6% ABV

We re-used our fresh Cascade hops from the fall harvest to create this blend. It's reminiscent of funky pineapples and fresh melon.

1.5 L Bag-in-Box ($25)


French News Wave

Red Wine Barrel Blend - 5.5% ABV

This two-year-old beer was aged in fresh red wine barrels. Notes of cranberry, vanilla, and coconut.

1.5 L Bag-in-Box ($25)



It’s in The Vault, It’s No Longer Available To Go

Petit Bon Sticker.jpg


2018 Bourbon Barrel Blend - 5.5% ABV

All the complexity you enjoy from fresh Port Bourbon barrels and spontaneous beer. Bold and complex!

1.5 L Bag-in-Box

For effect!

Bourbon Barrel + Peach Blend - 5.5% ABV

Blend of Port Bourbon barrel-aged young spontaneous beer and a Colorado-peach beer.  

1.5 L Bag-in-Box ($25)

Petit bon vivant(p-26)

Unblended Primitive Beer - 5.0% ABV

Our first in a new series of single barrel beer releases. This one-year-old beer we pulled from barrel P-26 is light and refreshing with notes of lemon, honey, and pineapple.  

1.5 L Bag-in-Box ($25)

pim DNP-1.jpg


Golden Cherry Wine Barrel Blend - 6% ABV

Blend of barrel-aged young spontaneous golden rainier cherry beer with a batch aged in a fresh red wine barrel. The beer is aromatic, crisp, and fairly acidic.

1.5 L Bag-in-Box ($30)

BE excellent to each ohter-1.jpg

be excellent to each other

Cascade Wet-Hopped Primitive Beer - 5.0% ABV

Cascade wet-hopped year-old spontaneous beer. Fresh and hoppy! Drink young!

1.5 L Bag-in-Box ($30)

Ghost Revised-1.jpg

Ghost town dance party

Peach Blend - 6.0% ABV

Spontaneous beer aged on second-use Colorado-grown Allstar Palisade peaches … lots of fuzzy, peachy goodness!

1.5 L Bag-in-Box ($30)

hi res vbv-ilovepdf-compressed-1.jpg

Vaguely Belgian Vibes

Double Cherry Blend - 6.0% ABV

Spontaneous beer aged on second-use Colorado-grown Montmorency cherries...double the cherry concentration!

1.5 L Bag-in-Box ($30)


mild wizardry

Funky Plum Blend - 6.0% ABV

Funky spent plum blend, spontaneous beer aged on Palisade Plums!

1.5 L Bag-in-Box ($25)