Currently Available on Cask

- Served by the glass (25cl & 40cl) or 1 litre ceramic pitcher -

- Exclusively available at our Longmont, CO Barrel House -

Unbroken boulevard of green lights

Blended Primitive Beer - 5% ABV

Blend of our four favorite spontaneously inoculated barrels. Notes of black tea, pineapple, oak, and lemon bars.

Ghost Town Dance Party

Second-Use Peach Blend - 6% ABV

We took a blend of year-old spontaneous beers and aged it for several months on second-use whole Allstar peaches from Hotchkiss, CO! You can really taste the sun-drenched fuzz and funk of these beauties.  

Exotic state of matter

Subtle Peach & Hop Blend - 5.5% ABV

Spontaneous beer aged on both 2017- and 2018-harvest peaches and previously used hops. Minerality and light funk up front with a nice stone fruit nose. Black tea, lemon zest, and dried apricots. Light bitterness rounds out each sip.

parallel thoughts

Second-Use Cherry Blend - 6% ABV

Blend of Primitive Beer from the 2017-18 & 2018-19 brew seasons matured on cherries from last year’s harvest. This beer has BIG cherry on the nose and a beautiful cherry flavor with a crisp tingle from the cherry skins.