Currently Available on Cask

- Served by the glass (25cl & 40cl) or 1 litre ceramic pitcher -

- Exclusively available at our Longmont, CO Barrel House -


Golden Cherry Wine Barrel Blend - 6% ABV

Blend of barrel-aged young spontaneous golden rainier cherry beer with a batch aged in a fresh red wine barrel. The beer is aromatic, crisp, and fairly acidic.

Petit Bon vivant (P-2)

Unblended Primitive Beer - 5.0% ABV

Another in our new series of single barrel beer releases. This one-year-old beer we pulled from barrel P-2 is light and very tart with notes of honey, leather, and grapefruit.  


Bourbon Barrel Blend - 5.5% ABV

Freshly emptied Port-finished Bourbon barrels. Young spontaneous beer. Nuff said.

Rainier Cherry Single Barrel - 5.5% ABV

Primitive Beer aged on foot-stomped rainier cherry pomace - unblended, unadulterated, & unapologetic.

Radioactive Optics

Accessibly Business Casual

Aged Subtle Cherry Blend - 5.5% ABV

Spontaneous beer aged on a light load Colorado-grown Montmorency cherries. This beer has been maturing and developing in firkins for about 9 months!