Currently Available on Cask

- Served by the glass (25cl & 40cl) or 1 litre ceramic pitcher -

- Exclusively available at our Longmont, CO Barrel House -

P.R. Nightmare

Second Use Wet Hops - 6% ABV

This single barrel of year-old spontaneous beer was matured for six-months on “recycled wet hops” (fresh Cascade hops previously used for our September release). These gorgeous flowers were grown at High Wire Hops in Paonia, CO and picked the day before we put them in our first wet-Hop beer!

Petit Bon vivant (P-26)

Unblended Primitive Beer - 5.0% ABV

Another in our new series of single barrel beer releases. This one-year-old beer we pulled from barrel P-2 is light and very tart with notes of honey, leather, and grapefruit.  

For effect!

Bourbon Barrel Peach Blend - 5.5% ABV

Aged two years! Blend of Port Bourbon barrel-aged spontaneous beer and a Colorado-grown peach beer.

Accessibly Business Casual

Aged Subtle Cherry Blend - 5.5% ABV

Spontaneous beer aged on a light load Colorado-grown Montmorency cherries. This beer has been maturing and developing in firkins for about 9 months!