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-Served by the glass or pitcher-

Unbroken boulevard of green lights

Primitive Beer - 5.0% ABV

A blend of four puncheons that showcases the range of our house microflora. We love the balance of sublet acidity, fruitiness, oak, funk, and bitterness.

Mild Wizardry

Funky Plum Blend - 5.5% ABV

With a subtle plum flavor and heavy-handed funk, we selected two puncheons that exuded dark fruit notes to age on "multiple use" Colorado-grown Palisade plums.

Ghost Town Dance Party

Double Peach Blend - 6.0% ABV

You've probably heard the old saying, "Sometimes friends just fall in your lap... and then come the peaches!" No? That's weird. Anyway, this blend is built to highlight an evolving friendship between Primitive Beer, Deer Tree Farm, and our mutual love of deliciously ripe Colorado-grown Allstar peaches! 

Forest Glitter

Heavily Hopped Blend - 5.0% ABV

We selected bitter and yeast-balanced puncheons to mature on and frame the handsome Colorado-grown Nugget and Cascade provided by our buddies at High Wire Hops. This non-acidic combo aims to express our fondest experiences with Belgian-brewed pale ale.

Montmorency Cherry Blend - 5.5% ABV

Balancing the flavors of our house microflora and fruit from Sparky's Farm, we selected barrels that exhibited prominent cinnamon and spice to mature on these spectacular Colorado-grown Montmorency cherries.


accessibly busienss casual

Double Cherry Blend - 6.0% ABV

Read the above description again, but this time concentrate twice as hard! (See what we did there?!)

Vaguely Belgian Vibes