Currently Available on Cask

- Served by the glass (25cl & 40cl) or 1 litre ceramic pitcher -

- Exclusively available at our Longmont, CO Barrel House -

Be Excellent to Each Other

Fresh Hopped Primitive Beer - 5% ABV

A year-old spontaneous beer aged for ten days on Cascade wet hops (on the beer within 24 hours of being picked) in freshly emptied Chardonnay barrels. So much candy pineapple and fresh meadow breezes in this one!

Ghost Town Dance Party

Second-Use Peach Blend - 6% ABV

We took a blend of year-old spontaneous beers and aged it for several months on second-use whole Allstar peaches from Hotchkiss, CO! You can really taste the sun-drenched fuzz and funk of these beauties.  

Curated Chaos

Second-Use Nectarine, Peach, and Cherry Blend - 6% ABV

A blend of year-old spontaneous beer refermented on multiple “second-use” fruits. Each of the components (nectarine, peach, and cherry) were delicious on their own, but unite to make an altogether special beer. Dominated by a stone fruit medley, aromas of sun-warmed pasture and a crisp oak foundation harmoniously round this blend.

parallel thoughts

Subtle Cherry Blend - 6% ABV

Blend of Primitive Beer from the 2017-18 & 2018-19 brew seasons matured on cherries from last year’s harvest. This beer has BIG cherry on the nose and a beautiful cherry flavor with a crisp tingle from the cherry skins.